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Melton Phoenix FC would like to congratulate our U12 girls, for winning their respective league with a game in hand.

Good luck with your last game and the playoffs.



Click this link for all the latest relevant dietary information for your child.

Junior Players Needed!!

Melton Phoenix FC is currently looking for new players. You don't have to be the best player, fastest runner or even the strongest player, a TEAM is made up of all kinds of players, each one with their own strength.

Come along & get fit while having fun - Contact us today!

Pre-Season starts in Early 2020, and all are welcome!

For more information email: or


Melton Phoenix FC is a family friendly Club which creates a great atomosphere for your children to play and learn in a safe and positive environment. We have a strict Code of Conduct which must be adhered to, which outlines what is expected of both the players, parents/guardians and other supporters.

For further information please email:

We hope that you choose the Phoenix for your child for the upcoming season.




Please note that all children are required to bring along a drink bottle to training, preferably containing cold water, even on the colder nights.

For the warmer months, generally during February-April, if the day's temperature has reached a top of 36 degrees, there will be no training. This is a decision that the Committee has not taken lightly and understand that children would like to train, no matter what the weather may be. Melton Phoenix FC uses the guidelines from Sports Medicine Australia for it's heat policy.

 Ambient temperature
Relative humidity
Risk of Heat Illness
Recommended management for sports activities
 15 - 20
Heat illness can occur in distance running.
Caution over-motivation.
 21 - 25
 Exceeds 70%
 Low - moderate
Increase vigilance.
Caution over-motivation.
 26 – 30
 Exceeds 60%
Moderate early pre-season training.|
Reduce intensity and duration of play/training.
Take more breaks.
 31 - 35
Exceeds 50%
High - very high
Uncomfortable for most people.
Limit intensity, take more breaks.
Limit duration to less than 60 minutes per session.
 36 and above
 Exceeds 30%
Very stressful for most people.
Postpone to a cooler conditions (or cooler part of the day) or cancellation.



Melton Phoenix FC

Po Box 111, Melton Vic 3337

MacPherson Park, Coburns Road Melton Vic 3337

President:                  Michelle Williamson    0460 420 890

Vice President:           Romeo Refalo           

Secretary:                  Martin Cooper            0419 340 455

Treasurer:                  John Reithofer          0407 800 573

Junior Co-Ordinator: 

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